Relax with your friends or the broad FUT community with a number of new and more social ways to play FUT.


Choose from the full range of modified rules of the kick-off mode in FIFA 19, such as Survival and Everything is allowed, and enjoy four completely new House rules. Buy Cheap FIFA 20 players.


The Lucky Ball changes every time the game is stopped and gives the attacking team boosts for passes, shooting, dribbling, speed or all features, adding an unpredictable element to every game.


Fight for possession in a randomly generated area on the field to increase the value of your next goal.


Exclusive in FUT: all players have maximum individual team spirit, creating new opportunities to create teams.


Exclusive in FUT: three random players are switched between your team and the opponent. You can get the star player from the opponent, or lose yours.


Play with your friends in various competitive and cooperative game modes.

Play on the couch

Play with up to four friends for example against selections of friends, the Team of the Week, Clubs from the real world or selected community teams.

Play online

Compete against any member of the broad online FUT community. Find a specific House Rule or a set list of favorites to start a competition faster.

Play against a friend

Challenge a friend and his Ultimate Team online with standard or House rules.

Keep track of your statistics

Make sure you have the numbers to boast with in-depth statistics that keep track of all sorts of things in games against other players. In addition to the scores, you will also be told where you might find weaknesses in your friend’s game.

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